7 formatting tips for posting a resume online

You can post your resume on some job or internship search engines or on some company’s web sites. Before posting to many of these sites, you will need to convert your resume to a Plain Text document. To do this, click File Save As (in Microsoft Word). Underneath where you type the File name, there is a drop down box called Save file as. It will be set to: Word Document (*doc). Change it to: Plain Text (*txt) and click Save. Re-open the document and edit it using the following guidelines:

  1. All lines should be left-justified
  2. Add extra blank lines before key sections. Don’t worry about length, as the one-page rule does not apply here.
  3. Replace all bullets with standard keyboard symbols (*, -, –, >, or +)
  4. Use ALL CAPS for section headings
  5. Inspect your resume for keywords. Unlike power words (which are verbs), keywords are nouns that name things such as software, equipment, processes, procedures, etc. Your resume will be entered into a database, and if you don’t have certain industry-specific keywords, your resume might not be selected.
  6. Proofread, proofread, and proofread.
  7. Copy, paste, and post!

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