3 Cover Letter Tips that make you stand out from the crowd

  1. Find the company online and do some research. Read their ‘About Us’ page and their mission statement.In your letter, you’ll want to appeal to the company or department’s mission/values/goals. Looking at their web site may also help you identify other types of positions available within that particular company.
  2. Try to find the hiring manager’s name and email address. Cover letters should be personalized whenever possible. Try to find the name on the company’s web site or call them once, but do NOT harass the company just to get a name.
  3. Use the job advertisement to help you write the letter. If the ad has a bulleted list of qualifications, pick the most important bullets and write down how you meet those requirements. If the ad is a paragraph, type it into a short list. Use the list to help you write the letter. If there are too many requirements to address in your letter, pick out only the most important and summarize the rest. Remember, the letter should be brief. Exclude anything that’s very obvious, like a high school diploma or a driver’s license.

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