Our Program

From the Chair of Theatre Arts: I am dedicated to the engagement of every student and employee at Bellevue College in the Theatrical Arts of Drama and Dance.  I enthusiastically promote classes to all those interested in theater and dance as well as those who may be or become audience members.  I passionately believe in the power of theatre to engage, enrich and enlarge the minds and hearts of artists and audience alike through the stories told onstage.  I am as passionate that the skills that are taught in Drama classes will enrich every student in every aspect of their lives.  I commit to the education of the neophyte theatre artist as well as the pre-professional.  I support continued connections with the professional theatre community of Seattle and King County.  I collaborate with the faculty, staff and administration that helps our students.  I support the continuing education and professional theatre of the faculty and staff that sustain the Theatre Arts Department.     -Tammis Doyle