Carlson Theatre

Named after Bud Carlson, founder of the BC Drama Department, the Carlson Theater was built in 1973 and opened in 1975. It accommodates up to 350 people. The theater complex also includes the StopGap, a “black box” theater.

Program History

Bud Carlson founded the BC Drama Department in 1968. When Carlson died in 1969, Bonnie Wallace-Hoffman assumed leadership. Carlson Theater was built in 1973 and opened in 1975. Up until that time, plays were produced in a lecture hall nick-named the “StopGap.”The StopGap Theatre still remains as a studio space used for classroom activities as well as for the StageFright Drama Club.

In 1978, Rob Jackson was hired as faculty and Manager of the Carlson Theatre to provide full time, in-house tech support for plays as well as balance curriculum offerings in the department.

In 1987, the department changed directions to concentrate on full student participation in productions, instituting its studio theater (StopGap) and colloquium classes, melding academic work with productions. Over the years, BC Drama has maintained a constant commitment to producing contemporary dramatic works as well as re-interpreting the classics.