A wide range of people enroll in our Sociology courses.  Although some students do eventually decide to major in Sociology, most go on to study other things.  Our students tell us, time and time again, that the knowledge they gained in our Sociology classes was helpful to them in other majors and careers.  Indeed, Sociology is applicable to just about anything.

Here are some student comments about our classes:

Jaycee Chan; BC Graduate (2008)

Transferred to UW-Seattle; majored in Social Work; attended Columbia University (NY) for graduate school; working as a social worker

“What I loved about taking sociology classes was that they changed my perspective on the world. Things that I learned in class I could constantly apply in my daily life. There were times that the concepts introduced in class challenged my own values or beliefs, and it pushed me to really think about what I believe in and why I believe in this way. To me, sociology class is not only a class, but it is about exploring my identity and seeing this world in a whole different perspective.

I decided to major in social work because I passionately believe people deserve to be respected and should have their own rights acknowledged, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, class, etc. One of the many great things I learned from sociology is to realize my own bias, judgment or stereotypes against a particular group of people. Once I developed this self awareness, I can always remind myself to change these biases, judgments and stereotypes in order to become a more competent social worker.”

David Chen; BC Graduate (2009)

Transferred to UW-Seattle; double major in sociology and English

Professional writer

“Studying sociology at BC has helped me to see the world in a different light.  It has helped to answer some of the many questions I ponder regarding race, class, and gender, as well as provide a stronger understanding of social dynamics.  The sociology classes I have taken have all been very fun and engaging.  I enjoy the readings, lectures, and group discussions.  It has been a very casual, but also intellectually stimulating experience. Sociology has taught me a lot and I hope to eventually use it to contribute to a more livable, just world for everyone.”


Jeff Chou ; BC Graduate (2007); transferred to UW-Bothell

Currently working as a Customs and Border Protection Officer for Homeland Security

“The sociology classes I took at BCC helped my communication skills tremendously. Sociology taught me how to communicate with people who may have different backgrounds than me; it also helped me see things through their eyes, not just mine.  It opened my eyes and my mind in a way – I can now think outside the box.  I loved taking sociology classes at BCC because of the Instructors, the diverse group of students, and the way the materials were taught.  And no matter what my schedule, there was always a sociology class I could take!”


Alicia Abdelhamed (Claiborne); BC Graduate (2005)

Transferred to Seattle University; majored in Social Work (graduated 2007)

Currently working as an Employment Consultant for Developmentally Disabled Adults

“What I loved about taking sociology was the ability to explore and understand the meaning of racism, oppression, stigma, stereotypes, and what creates a self- fulfilling prophecy. This helped create a foundation for my future studies at Seattle University while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.  Sociology also helped me through my identity crisis, which I have had throughout my life because I am biracial; sociology helped me realize it’s society’s issue of wanting to put me in a ‘box’ and not mine.

While enrolled at Seattle University I took advantage of getting involved with the surrounding Seattle Community as much as I could, such as taking service-learning classes, participant of Seattle University Social Work Club, Student Leader for the Common Good, and participated in various immersion trips.  These activities were very empowering to me and helped me apply what I learned in my sociology class at BCC as well as what I was learning at Seattle University.”


Chengying Deng; International Student and Graduate of BC (2007)

Transferred to UW-Seattle; majored in Accounting (graduated 2009)

Works as an accountant at Deloitte

“After participating in a sociology class, I gained an insight into the inequalities that exist within our society today. Additionally, the intensive reading and writing required by the class helped to improve my English comprehension skills.  Through my participation in the class, I have a better understanding of how others may perceive me as both a person of Chinese heritage and as a Woman. This allows me to challenge any possible misconceptions and enhance my role within the society around me.”

Kirstin Han; BC Graduate

Transferred to Seattle University; majoring in Psychology

Intends to become a Clinical Psychologist

“Sociology has helped in me in countless ways; from academia to conversations with friends, I have become so much more perceptive to social stigmas and how they are applied – not only in the U.S, but around the world.  As I love to travel, I think that one of the biggest ways sociology has helped me is to make me aware of social and cultural situations and sensitivities, that I might be cognizant of my surroundings and not just an ignorant tourist.  I loved taking sociology at BCC because not only did i have an awesome teacher, it really helped me to step out of myself and see situations in our world from other perspectives. I was forced to face “touchy” issues like sex, race and gender, and learned to understand and deal with them instead of sweeping them under a rug.”

Dana Hubanks; Running Start student and Graduate of BC (2009)

Transferred to Whitman College; major in Sociology/ English

Considering a career in journalism, poetry, social work, or human rights work

“Taking sociology at BC changed my entire world. Every day in class, we were forced to look at our society in an entirely new way, and because of this, I grew as a student and as a person. The sociology courses at BC also allow students to learn about certain harsh, taboo issues that are often times ignored. Above all else, I loved how the professors and subject matter abandon social stigmas in order to offer reality and honesty.  The sociology class I took at BC (SOC 256) was quite possibly the most valuable class I have ever taken. Although I never thought of myself as a close-minded person, this class helped to open my mind even further. I discovered how irrelevant the term ‘normal’ is in our world. Most of all, I discovered that racial, class, and gender issues are weaved so tightly into the fabric of our culture that most people do not even notice it. After being made aware of these truths, it has become much easier to make sense of the world around us. Overall, sociology helped me become a more understanding and accepting person.”

Hediyeh Mohajerjasbi; Running Start student and Graduate of BC (2008)

Transferred to UW; double majored in Sociology and English

Attended law school at Pepperdine University (J.D. 2013)

“Sociology at BC was great! I have to admit I never thought of sociology as a field of study but the professors were very knowledgeable and diverse in their teaching methods and made the information really interesting. Once I got started, I only wanted to learn more about the environment around me!  Sociology greatly influenced my perspective about the world around me – how I look at people, their interactions, problems in the world, and why they exist in the first place. This is actually really great for me because for as long as I can remember I have wanted to become a lawyer, to help make a difference in the community around me, and I never knew that sociology could help me achieve that goal!

I would recommend the sociology program at BC to anyone and everyone. Sociology is a field of study that truly pertains to every one of us.”

Chris Monier; BC Graduate (2008)

Transferred to Western Washington University; majored in Sociology (minor in Criminology)

Intends to work in law enforcement

“What I loved most about sociology at BC is it forced you to take a look at everything in our society that we do without thinking, and makes you ask ‘why?’ I think the best example of this that I have heard took place on the second day of Intro to Sociology when the instructor shook my hand, then asked me why I grabbed her hand and shook it up and down. It kinda blew my mind for a couple days.  I believe that sociology has helped me greatly. It’s challenging and engaging coursework helped a lot in my development of new study skills, plus its emphasis on group work helped me learn how to work together in a group more efficiently in order to achieve a common goal. The coursework itself gave me a different perspective on the world and how it works. We, as a society, never really think about how or why our society works unless the information is put right in front of us. Sociology puts that information right in front of you. You may not always like what you see, but everything you see is valid.”

Sean Regmi; BC Graduate (2007)

Transferred to Washington State University; majored in Management Information Systems (MIT)

Intends to pursue a music career (and be the best ever to touch a mic), with MIT as a backup plan

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking all the Sociology classes that were available at BC.  They opened my eyes even further to the truth of the world.  I learned that you can’t be judgmental, and you have to see people for who they are through their scope.  The Sociology Instructor I had taught in a way which keeps you hooked on the information, and till this day, while I may have forgotten term names, I have not forgotten any of the concepts.  Sociology has helped me see through other people’s eyes, and I can relate to their point of view. A lot of time in business, there are huge cultural clashes, which prevent parties from having productive outcomes.  I have learned how not to be ethnocentric to the fullest extent I can, and this will definitely help me.”

Stephanie Seek; BC graduate (2009)

Transferring to the UW; Major undecided

Intends to pursue a career in advertising or marketing

“Sociology has changed the way I see society as a whole; I can’t help but watch and analyze the interaction between different groups of people. Sociology has made me more aware of what goes on below the surface of our culture, and it has made me a more conscientious consumer.  Taking sociology classes at BC allowed me to explore areas of society I didn’t previously acknowledge. They also allowed me to be a more creative writer and challenge what we’re often told to think.”