Bellevue College has a strong collection of Sociology instructors with a broad range of interests and expertise.  All of our instructors are invested in ongoing professional development not only as sociologists, but also as educators.  We attend professional conferences, maintain current knowledge of our field, and keep up regularly with the latest strategies for improving classroom learning.  We are published and award-winning sociologists and scholars; several of us also engage in community activism.  We work to bring our experiences to the classroom, in the hopes that this enriches student learning.

 Our faculty are: (in alphabetical order)

Seema BahlSEEMA BAHL; joined BC in 2013

Courses Seema teaches: Disability in Society, Introduction to Sociology

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 SUE COX; joined BC in 1993

Courses Sue teaches:  Introduction to Sociology; Dating, Relationships & Families; Religion in Society; Social Problems; Deviance; You Are What You Eat: Food in Society; IDS: The Freshman Experience – The Good Life

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 ERIC DAVIS; joined BC in 2009

Courses Eric teaches: Introduction to Sociology; TV Culture and Society; Sociology of Blacks in America; Sports in Society; IDS course, “Show Me the Money: The Culture and Commercialization of Sports in America”

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Ron HollandRON HOLLAND; joined BC’s Sociology Department in 2014

Courses Ron teaches: Men & Masculinities

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DENISE JOHNSON; joined BC in 2003

Courses Denise teaches: Introduction to Sociology; Sex and Sexualities; Gender; Children and Youth; Bodies; Race and Ethnicity; Deviance; Dating, Relationships & Families; Food; Popular Culture; Intersections of Inequality and Identity; IDS Course, “Skin Deep”

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NICHOLAS RUSS; joined BC in 2011

Courses Nicholas teaches: Introduction to Sociology; Activism & Social Change; Sociology of Blacks in America




LORI SAFFIN (Program Chair); joined BC in 2008

Courses Lori teaches: Introduction to Sociology; Race and Ethnicity; Men and Masculinities; Queer Studies; Sexualities; Intersections of Inequality and Identity; Deviance

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SARA SUTLER-COHEN; joined BC in 2006

Courses Sara teaches: Introduction to Sociology; Death and Dying; Religion; Native American Studies; Popular Culture; Deviance; City Life and Culture; Social Psychology; Technology in Society; Intersections of Inequality and Identity

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 Katherine Trelstad; joined BC in 2011

COURSES KATHERINE TEACHES: Introduction to Sociology; Global Sociology; Popular Culture; IDS: Alone Together


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 Michael Woo; joined BC in 1993

COURSE MICHAEL TEACHES AT BC: Introduction to Sociology; Social Problems; Growing Up and Older in America

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