“The chief object of education is not to learn things, but to unlearn things.” –G.K.  Chesterton

Welcome to Sociology at Bellevue College!  We are excited about your interest in Sociology and hope that you find this site helpful and informative.  If you can’t find the information that you’re looking for, please let us know.

bellevue-collegeOur Curriculum

We offer an incredibly broad range of Sociology courses, probably more courses than any other 2-year institution in the nation.  Currently, we have close to thirty exciting courses in our rotating curriculum.  In addition to the classics of Sociology such as Introduction to Sociology, Deviance, Race & Racism, and Families, we offer courses with such wide-ranging topics as Sexualities, Sports, Religion, Food, Death & Dying, Gender & Masculinities, Popular Culture, Disabilities, and Children & Youth, among many more.  We even offer courses that are considered somewhat ‘cutting-edge’ in our discipline, such as Intersections of Identities and Sociology of the Body.  No matter your interests and no matter the field or career you decide to pursue, we believe that the things you can learn in a Sociology class will be useful to you in a practical way.  If you will need to work with or understand people, Sociology can help.  Take a look at what we have to offer; we think you’ll find something of interest to you.

We are one of few programs on campus that offer an Academic Concentration, which we believe can help students be more marketable while ‘shopping’ for a university or on the job market.  An Academic Concentration is roughly comparable to a ‘minor’ at most four-year institutions.  Visit the “Concentration” link above for more information.

Our Faculty

We are proud of our faculty, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and with diverse professional training, both domestically and internationally.  Some of us have been trained through a more ‘traditional’ route, whereas others have been trained in less conventional ways.  We are undoubtedly interdisciplinarians, as most of us have taught in interdisciplinary situations.  We are fascinated in exploring the intersections between sociology and other disciplines such as psychology, cultural & ethnic studies, american studies, and women’s studies, and we often ‘pull’ from other disciplines in our courses in order to deepen learning.  If you’d like to learn more about our faculty, click on the link above to read a bit about each of us.

Our Students

We are equally proud of our students!  All kinds of students enroll in Sociology classes – some who want to become Sociology majors and others who are simply interested in the topics we teach.  We have students who want to be fire fighters and police officers, social workers and community activists, business leaders and lawyers, nurses and counselors, and much more.  In any given sociology class, we have students from all different kinds of backgrounds.  We believe this wonderfully diverse set of experiences is an asset, as every person brings many important and unique contributions to the class.  Our students help bring sociology alive.  Oftentimes, those who enroll in  Sociology “because they need the credit” are surprised at how much they like our classes!  If you’d like to hear from some of our students, click on the link above.