Why Compete?

A science or engineering project answers the question ‘Why do I need to learn this stuff?’

Independent research projects (like those at science fairs) build confidence, challenge stereotypes, and create learning opportunities beyond the classroom.  They develop skills in science, math, English, and and critical thinking, and meet many of the Washington State Science Learning Standards for high school students.   Science fair projects take students on a journey of learning and discovery that can inspire a  love of inquiry and research.

Graduating high school students that have receive awards and recognition at regional fairs and beyond have a distinct advantage over other college applicants in being considered and accepted by the schools of their choice. This is because science fair honors rank high among the screening factors used by admissions officers at most top universities.

Entering a project into a regional competition like the Central Sound Regional Science & Engineering Fair can provide recognition, awards and scholarships, and open doors of opportunity. The Grand Champion at the CSRSEF will win a trip to the  the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair where they will have additional opportunities to win awards and scholarships. All students that participate in the CSRSEF are eligible to compete in the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.