What’s New for 2013?

December 14th, 2012


  • March 9 is a designated SAT testing date. Students who wish to participate in the fair should plan to take the SAT on an alternate date.



  • Teams of up to 3 students will be eligible to compete in the 2013 CSRSEF.


  • A maximum of 50 projects will be accepted from each school.  Schools with more than 50 projects are responsible for determining which projects are able to advance to the regional fair.


  • There will be a $10 entry fee per student. Each team member will pay an entry fee. Fee waivers will be available for students receiving free or reduced-price lunches at their schools. Check out the Student Page for more information.


  • We encourage students to enter their projects into multiple competitions. Check out our Washington State Science Fairs page for a list of competitions available to high school students.


  • Student Bio Expo participants are eligible to enter last year’s lab research projects into the 2013 fair as long as data collection began after March 9, 2012.


Questions?  Comments?  Contact the fair Director.