Dr. Jack E. Daniels, III

Campus interview schedule

Dr. Jack E. Daniels will be on campus Wednesday, October 24 for interviews and public forums.  View or print the full schedule for Dr. Jack E. Daniels [PDF].


Jack E. Daniels, III has served as president of Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) in Los Angeles, California since 2006. Dr. Daniels was previously president of Lincoln Land Community College (IL) and Central College of the Houston Community College System (TX).  He has served in both senior and mid-level administrative positions in community colleges and universities. In addition to his administrative experiences, Dr. Daniels was a tenured psychology faculty member at Laney College in Oakland, Ca.

Dr. Daniels has been actively involved at both the national and statewide levels throughout his career. In addition to having leadership roles in Illinois, Texas and California, he served on the Executive Board of AACC, chaired its Governance and Policy committee and was a member of the Education and Student Services Commission. He recently served as co-chair of the Los Angeles Community College District Budget Committee and as a member of its executive committee.

A hallmark of Dr. Daniels’ career has been his drive toward student success and achievement. An early adapter of the Learning College, he has continued to implement the principles developed through this initiative and has evolved to facilitate “Learner-centered” colleges wherein decisions are made based on the impact on students inclusive of budget, programs and activities. In 2010, LASC became a college in the Achieving the Dream initiative with its focus on improving success for students for color. Recently, he was appointed to the newly formed National Advisory Committee for Improving Outcomes for Men of Color. This committee includes six (6) community college representatives throughout the United States.  Always interacting with faculty, staff and students, it is not unusual to see Dr. Daniels walking throughout campus and holding conversations with all college constituents.

Consistently a strong supporter of workforce and economic development, Dr. Daniels has been at the forefront of encouraging and developing programs that meet community workforce needs. Over the past few years he has forged significant partnerships that have led to programs in small businesses, creation of a pre-engineering program and specialized occupational training unique to colleges’ areas of service.

Considered an accomplished leader at urban colleges, Dr. Daniels has facilitated the development of a comprehensive basic skills program driven by data. Further, he has supported restructure of programs to meet economic and community needs. His active engagement with local community groups and agencies have led to partnerships that enhanced the relationship between the colleges and the community as well as provided greater opportunities for training.

Last, but certainly not least, Dr. Daniels has mentored several leaders who have progressed to senior administrative positions and presidencies. He was the convener of the Presidents’ Roundtable for four years and was a presenter and active participant in the Lakin Institute. This institute is designed to prepare senior administrators for community college presidencies.

Dr. Daniels is married and has 4 children.