STEM to Stern Program – Your Path to Success

Stem Smarts

STEM to Stern is a prestigious program that was started with funding from the National Science Foundation. This program seeks to accelerate the growth of students in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The goal of the program is to allow students to learn skills and make connections that will help them succeed as a STEM student and STEM professional.

The program is a year-long 2-credit cohort class designed for high-potential transfer students planning to major in fields related to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math

The STEM to Stern program is about the process of becoming a STEM professional. Specifically, this program will help you:

  • Develop a network of contacts with STEM professionals and other STEM students.
  • Develop “STEM Smarts” techniques that can allow you to optimize your time, be successful in your math and science classes, and advance as a STEM professional.
  • Acquire and practice professional skills that will help you successfully compete for jobs, internships, scholarships, and other STEM opportunities.
  • Strategically plan your career path by reflecting on your interests and strengths, conducting research about STEM fields, and planning next steps.
  • Explore STEM opportunities and resources on campus, in the Puget Sound area, and across the country.

Every quarter students meet STEM mentors from companies like Boeing, Microsoft, Honeywell, Puget Sound Energy, Amgen, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Army Corps of Engineers

STEM to Stern is a competitive program for high-potential students, and it requires a simple and quick application process. The basic eligibility criterias are listed below:

  • The student intends to major and pursue a career in a field related to Science, Engineering, Math, or Technology
  • Be planning to transfer to a 4-year school
  • Place into Math 141 or better and English 101 or better on the COMPASS assessment
  • Be new to Bellevue College, which means that you have less than 17 college-level credits at BC (excluding credits that you took as a Running Start student)
  • Commit to stay in the STEM to Stern cohort for all three quarters of the academic year.

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