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Bellevue College has many resources available to new and returning students to plan and execute their academic goals. For the majority of the students the first  experience with planning their academic goals will be likely with help from an academic advisor. BC advisors are awesome at steering people in the right direction, but it is essential to also give them good indications of your interests and strengths to better guide them in assisting you. Thus is is very important that you also prepare and research what career path you are interested in, and what is the most optimal path of getting there.

Center for Career Connections designed a few tools and resources that hopefully will assist you in researching and planning for your immediate academic experience, and also your future career goals.

Career Assessments

First and foremost, we recommend that you identify what is your current skill set and personality preferences. The goal of this exercise is to evaluate yourself, and potentially align your strengths with a future career path.  Our Career Specialists can help you with taking and understanding  the personality career assessments (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory) that we offer at our Center. To learn more about our career assessments services, visit http://depts.bellevuecollege.edu/careers/students-alumni-and-community-members/choose-a-major-plan-a-career/#assesment or come by our Center on the 2nd floor of the B Building during business hours.

Career Pathways

Next, we recommend you explore the Career Pathways which will help you to better understand the degree and certificate options available at Bellevue College. This tool was designed to give you a better understanding  on the specific career and academic paths can you take, and also can give you an idea what occupations are available in your chosen field. Career Pathways will help you visualize the career path you intend to follow, and hopefully give you options on how to get there.

Career Pathways

Please keep in mind that this resource was designed as an informational tool, and thus we strongly recommend that you talk to an academic advisor before you make any academic decisions.

Career Classes and Counseling Services

We also suggest look at our services and classes we offer. Our Center offers one on one career counseling services , and also classes and workshops.


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