Language Expert – Localization

Position Type: ,

Employer: VoiceBox Technologies

Compensation Amount: $18 hour

Approximate Hours Per Week: 30 hours

Position Description:

We are currently looking for Italian, Russian, French and South American Spanish native speakers to assist in localization of our voice recognition software. This is a fun opportunity to be part of cutting edge speech technology. You will participate in shaping the user experience for our products in other languages.

- Provide grammar information about the target language
- Provide spoken information on address format and phone numbers in the target country
- Provide examples of real addresses, phone numbers and name of contacts to use during the test of the project
- Localize the commands and responses of the project in the target language
- Verify/localize the UI labels
- Do recording of examples of commands to use in test automation
- Test the project in a Win32 environment or on a target device
- Identify issues and file reports with all the information needed to fix them

How to Apply

  1. Go to CONNECT website
  2. Ater setting up and logging into your CONNECT account, click on the "Search for Jobs and Internships" button and "Bellevue College CONNECT!" from the drop down list.
  3. Scroll down to the search box and type the position ID for this position into the Keywords box and select "Search".

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