Application Developer

Position Type:

Employer: The State of Washington Department of Ecology

Compensation Amount: $4,114 – $5,395

Approximate Hours Per Week: Fulltime

Position Description:
Application Developer (Information Technology Specialist 3 in-training)

The goals of the Water Quality Program (WQ) are to prevent and clean up water pollution and to help communities make sustainable choices that reduce and prevent water quality problems. The program also aims to provide water quality partners with technical, financial and education assistance. The program also produces useful water quality information for the public and our partners.

The Water Quality Program (IT Unit) in Lacey, WA is looking for a full-time permanent position of an Application Developer. The agency will accept the best candidate in a range of Information Technology Specialist 1 through Information Technology Specialist 3. This recruitment is open until filled, with the initial screening on September 23, 2013. To be considered for the initial screening, please submit an application on or before September 22, 2013. The agency reserves the right to make an appointment anytime after the initial screening date.

This position is critical in supporting the program in increasing its e-business and improving efficiency.

The primary duties of this position will vary based on the ITS level appropriate for the successful candidate. All levels will be supporting the statewide water quality permit e-reporting submission system, WQWebPortal (Portal) and PARIS, the water quality permit tracking system. The Portal currently contains multiple applications for water quality permitting electronic business, including: submission of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) from regulated facilities; application form for coverage under the Construction Stormwater Permit (e-NOI); and others. In addition, this portal contains the tools and user interface for auto-generated letters or documents to permittees for compliance, permit coverage, or other permitting communications (WQWebDocs).

The Portal is the first of its kind at Ecology. It networks and updates 6 databases, including the enterprise Facility Site system. Users access the agency standard map control to select facility and discharge locations on a map. A number of web services are set-up among the various databases including Facility Site and PARIS (an Oracle data system).

Primary Duties
Primary duties of ITS3: Coordinating with lead developers in the unit: develop a new or renewal permit application based on an existing product in the Portal; build annual report submissions, create new templates and queries for WQWebDocs. External users are permittees/applicants or their designees. Any new applications for the public must be Secure Access Washington (SAW) enabled. Work with the lead worker with the SAW and CROMERR components. Verify business needs with internal users prior to development and during the beta testing phase.

How to Apply

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