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Science Advising Worksheets

The following advising worksheets are designed to provide you with suggested transfer courses for your intended major at the university level.

Health Science

Pre-Veterinary Guide
Pre-Exercise Science
Pre-Physical Therapy Guide
Pre-Pharmacy Guide
Pre- Medical Guide
Pre-Dental Guide
Pre-BSN Nursing guide
Nutrition Guide

Physical Sciences
Pre- Astronomy and Physics guide
Pre-Environmental Science

Computer Science

Careful planning with an academic advisor and the completion of an Associate in Arts and Sciences Direct Transfer Degree, allow you to fulfill the prerequisites for the various computer science bachelor degree programs within Washington State. Prerequisite requirements vary from one university to the next; therefore, it is very important that you meet with assigned science staff or faculty advisor located in the department.

Public Baccalaureate Computer Science Programs in Washington State:

Centeral Washington University
Eastern Washington University
University of Washington, Bothell
University of Washington, Seattle
University of Washington, Tacoma
Washington State University
Western Washington University