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First Time to College

Welcome to Bellevue College! 

As a first time to college student… 

Once you have applied and taken the assessment, sign up for a

Bellevue Advising & Registration Kickoff (BARK!) session

Starting Summer or Fall 2014? Sign up for a required BARK session 

As a new student to college, it is required that you sign up and attend a session prior to registering for classes. 

Due to limited seating, parents and family members will not be able to accompany students to the BARK sessions.  Students will receive a packet of information with a link to the presentation that can be accessed from home.  If need be, students will be able to register with parents/family members at home following the session.

Please note: New Running Start, CEO, students in the ASN program, and International Students receive advising and registration assistance through those departments and do not need to attend a BARK session.


At your BARK session, you can expect…

  • A group advising session presented by an academic advisor, who cares about your success!  The focus will be on getting you started, reviewing your math and English assessment for course placement, and selecting your first quarter of classes based on your academic goals.
  • Adequate time following the advising session to register you for your classes and The First Year Experience (FYE) class, the Comprehensive Success Initiative, or the STEM cohort.
  • To receive information to take with you regarding advising and other student support resources.

What to Bring to BARK:

  • The printout of your assessment scores– if you have taken the COMPASS assessment at a different school, take your scores to the assessment office first!
  • Unofficial score reports or transcripts from AP, Tech Prep, or College in the High School experiences
  • Questions about your first quarter
  • Notes or lists of courses/subject areas that interest you.  View course options here.
  • A pen and paper. It is up to you to record anything that you think is helpful during the session.
  • An open mind!

Note: Even if you have Advanced Placement (AP), IB, or College in the High School courses, you are still a new, first time to college student and will need to attend BARK.

Questions?  Email BARK@bellevuecollege.edu

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