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Faculty and Staff Resources

We understand that you have students asking you many questions from simple to complex; and while each division is staffed with an Advising Center Academic Advisor, they may not always be available or there may be a need to help the student that only you the faculty member authorized to do.

Therefore, to help you in your faculty advising role, we’ve put together a website that is intended to work as working guide. Feel free to provide us feedback, and connect with your division advisior often.

Are you part of the new student advising program, One-Stop Matriculation?  View Information here


View our Advising Curriculum for Faculty and Staff Members

College Policies

Federal Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA):  

FERPA training: Learn more about FERPA by taking this online training module created by and designed for BC faculty and staff members.

College Policies:  Students often ask questions that have answers governed by one or more policies.

Repeating a class:  While also found in the policies, this site gives a clear how to explanation with scenarios and a link to the online form.

Academic Calendar: Remind your student when registration is about to take place and review other college deadlines that impact the student experience in and out of the classroom.

Degree Requirements and Worksheets, Degree Audit, and Assessment Placement:

Degree and certificate requirements and worksheets: Download the official transfer and professional technical degree and or certificate.

Degree Audit: Review your students courses completed toward degree or certificate completion and math and English placement.

Student Course History Look Up: View your student’s transcript, retrieve their email address and look up their assessment placement (Note: if score has expired, it will no longer be noted).

Degree Audit request for access instructions and user manual:
A BC portal site that contains information on how to request access, use degree audit, and troubleshoots any issues that may arise.

Assessment, Advanced Placement (AP)and math and English:

The assessment process: View retake policies, available times, and practice assessments.

Math and English flowchart: View the sequence of courses using the chart.

Math and English Equivalencies from around the state:

AP Scores: Review the required score for college credit. There are also instructions on how to receive BC credit.

Transferring Classes to BC

Math/English and other course prerequisite:  

The transcript review process: Review the different processes for university transfer and professional technical.

Course Equivalencies from across the nation: Use this database of courses BC has accepted and their equivalencies to help you and your student in reviewing equivalent courses for transfer into BC or waivers/substitutions for professional technical classes. Just because you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we wont take it, it just hasn’t been seen by the Evaluations Office to date.

Non-Traditional Credits to Bellevue College

Washington State Universities and their equivalencies

Math and English Equivalencies from around the state

View other courses and their descriptions nationwide

Q&A about transferring in classes

Degree and Certificate Exceptions for Professional Technical Programs

 Degree Exceptions (professional/technical programs):
View the flowchart, and your role as the program chair or designee. You can also download the necessary forms for you and your student.


Bellevue College Graduation process and deadlines: Remind your students they need to apply for graduation to authenticate the degree or certificate on the transcript.